Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Marketing and Branding costs
The "moving billboards" which runs all across the Vaal region, have proved to be a very popular and cost effective way to promote any business.
The advertisement runs over a period of one year.  Two payment options exist, a once of annual payment of R15 000.00, or 12 monthly installaments of R1 500.00 
  Taljaard Taxi Advertising Brochure  
The following companies are recommended
for the design and supply of stickers:

 Please note: Wrapping/stickers for your own cost. Maintenance our cost

Estimated cost: Full wrap R4000-R9000  Design cost included  

                          Sticker (Bonnet/rear window) R400-R1000  


Call Riana at:  083 232 4315,  or use the "contact us" tab to forward your contact details, and we will contact you.


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